The Light of Saba – Lambs Bread Collie
The Klemares – Devils Angel (version)
Simms & Robinson – I Love You
Ken Parker – Before & After
The Tennors – Pressure & Slide
Joseph Cotton – Love You want

Activity – Soul Vendors – Swing Easy

Prince Malachi – Just Keep Calm
Nerious Joseph – Send Another Moses
Mike Antony – Our Identity/Gussie P – Version
Uwe Banton – Love ight
Lutan Fyah – Hypocrits
Winston Reedy – Door Peep
Burning Spear – O Jah
Philip Fraser – Going to Africa
Lisa Dainjah – Things Change
Culture & Anthony B – Two Sevens Clash
Knowledge – Centry (version)
Reverend Danny Dread – Chatty Mouth Defeat
Junior Cat – See Di Bobo Dread
Frankie Paul – Tu Shun Peng
Luciano & Bob Andy – Create Our Love
Wayne Jarrett – Praise Jah
Chant Jah Victory (version)/Beware (version)
Yami Bolo – Mystery Babylon
Johnny Osborne – He Can Turn the Tide
Bongo Gene All Stars – Skyjack Version
Bubbles Cameron – Elethia with Love
Lord Creator – Big Bamboo