Session 22-12-16

Big A

Billy Kenny, Maximono – Must be
Claude Von Stroke , Andrea De Rocco – LFO I love you
Green Velvet, Prok & Finch – Sheeple
Shiba San – Up and down
Will Clark, Shibaq San – Guive it to me
Will Cl;ark – House girl
Shiba San – You know what

Son of Sesh
Mak & Paste mAN – Automatic
Dj Haus – Got me Where u want me
Mall Grab – Black Palms
Futers – Makin
Boddika & Joy O -Trickys Team
Luca Lozano – Endline
Dan White -Just a Beat
D-IX – Be Crazy on a Saturday
Boddika & Joy O – More Moan
Mall Grab – Menace to Society