The Show Me Shorts Festival returns for 2020. From October 8th, exclusively at Lighthouse Cuba. With award winning short films from Aotearoa and the World.

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Good Things Come In Small Packages

Show Me Shorts is Aotearoa New Zealand’s leading international short film festival. We are a competitive Academy Awards-accredited festival that screens in cinemas nationwide each Spring.

The festival is set up as a charitable trust (not-for-profit/NGO), and administered by a Trust Board. Although most of the team are volunteers, we have a group of experienced Board members backing up two high-achieving staff and a large number of enthusiastic volunteers. Everyone involved is passionate about short films, story telling, the arts and culture in general.

Our mission: to create and cultivate the infrastructure required to achieve the widest possible appreciation of short films in New Zealand, and New Zealand short films internationally.

Our vision: a future where the important role of short films in New Zealand culture is widely acknowledged and celebrated.

To achieve this vision we work to connect New Zealanders with the best short films from here and around the world; celebrate excellence in short film making; and foster the New Zealand short film community.


Each year our experienced programming team curates a selection of the best short films and music videos from thousands of submissions that come in from around the world. We serve them up at more than 20 cinemas nationwide, from Kaitaiai to Stewart Island. We put on more than 100 screenings of our selected top short films each year. We launch the festival with a glamorous awards night, celebrating the best and brightest filmmaking talent. We also provide resourcesprofessional development and networking opportunities for aspiring short film makers such as our prestigious Aotearoa Short Film Lab.

Diversity is at the heart of our programming strategy. The selection of films each year covers a wide range of themes and subjects, including horror, drama, animation, comedy, documentary and everything in between. The stories in our short films offer audience members the chance to escape into new worlds, learn more about ourselves and connect with others. We prioritise well-crafted narrative-style films with strong audience appeal, as well as films that are making their premiere in our festival.