This week Maggie spoke to George, Eillish and Keir, the adventurous crew behind foraged food
collective Māhī.

Māhī is a pop up restaurant with a minimalistic approach to food and a focus on
quality local produce. Working within the seasons and collaborating with passionate suppliers to
to create unique, delicious meals to be enjoyed in a fun & casual environment.


Recipe: Very Old Edam, Black Corn, Wild Herbs and Flowers
Wine match: 2016 Hermit Ram Skin Contact Sav
Preparation time: 5 weeks
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Serves: 6
To buy:
four whole organic Hawkes bay sweetcorn
200g Mahoe Farm Very Old Edam
1 whole organic daikon radish
To forage:
1 bunch of oxalis
6 oxalis flowers
6 yarrow leaves
6 borage flowers
6 pea flowers
6 nasturtium flowers
12 nasturtium leaves

Here we have treated the sweetcorn with the same method used as when making black garlic.
The corn is heated at a low temperature for around five weeks, rather than caramelising the corn
is browned by the Maillard reaction. This makes the corn burst with delicious amino acids whilst
keeping its natural sweetness making it a perfect pairing for Mahoe Farm’s “Very Old Edam,”
which is matured for a minimum of ten months giving it a firm yet crunchy texture and displaying
sweet and floral notes with a nutty aftertaste.
We kept the corn at 65c at 100% humidity using a sous vide. At home you can re-create this using
a slow cooker on the “keep warm” setting and wrapping the corn tightly in tin foil. Be careful to
monitor the temperature of the corn to make sure its not overheating or running at too low a
temperature and starting to ferment.
Check the corn every week until it has turned black and has the flavour profile of a cross
between black garlic and masa.
Puree the kernels into a smooth paste and season with salt and lemon juice.
To finish:
Slice the daikon into 6x1cm ribbons and season lightly with lemon juice and sea salt to release
some moisture from the radish and soften the ribbons.
Place half a tablespoon of the black corn puree onto your plates and smooth out into a circle.
Using a cookie cutter place the ribbons of daikon radish over the black corn sauce, then place
broken pieces of the Very Old Edam in the gaps of the radish. Garnish, spreading your foraged
herbs and flowers between all six plates. Best paired with a glass of ‘2016 Hermit Ram Skin
Contact Sav.’
Instagram: @restaurantmahi

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