17th-19th February, Tapapakanga Park, Orere Point

Situated in a beguiling bay on the shores of Tapapakanga Park is a boutique music and arts festival like no other. An entertainment extravaganza and New Zealand’s greatest dress up party. We invite you to embrace the theme and join this mindful tribe of party animals!

Featuring… Skye and Ross (ex-Morcheeba), Lady Leshurr, The Dub Pistols, Blackalicious, Beardyman, Sampa The Great, Pitch Black, Weird Together, Ragga Twins, Egyptian Lover, Tall Black Guy, Nickodemus GL, Carnivorous Plant Society, Yoko Zuna, Villette, Sorceress, Latin Aotearoa, DJ Tahira, Maharaj Trio, Greg Churchill, Frank Booker, Aroha, Eastern Bloc, Inky Waves, Dylan C, Dubhead, DJ Takas, Selecta Sam, Bobby Brazuka, Gene Rivers, Chiccoreli + Tali, Cian, Dastardly Bounder, Guy Johnson, Jason Eli, Dastardly Bounder, Matt Drake