Student Radio Network Award Winners!

Photos By Victoria Saunders

The Student Radio Network is a union of radio stations that represent the heart & conscience of Aotearoa’s contemporary, alternative community. 95bFM, Radio Control 99.4FM, Radio Active 88.6FM, RDU 98.5FM, and Radio One 91FM have a deep musical kaupapa within Aotearoa, platforming unique and authentic voices.

The Student Radio Network Awards, with funding from NZ On Air, celebrate the musicians, broadcasters and volunteers who breathe life into these stations. The awards were live streamed as well as broadcast simultaneously on all five stations from 7PM on December 11.

The list of Student Radio Network award nominees and winners – the songs, EPs, albums, and musicians representative of the alternative sound of Aotearoa – are below:

National Awards:

Favourite Single brought to you by Independent Music New Zealand:

Kédu CarlöMating Call
MilkCRIT +
Night Lunch – House Full of Shit
ShannengeorgiapetersonHome Again 4
Skymning x TotemsOn My Job
The Nudge Vs. Troy KingiHe Ōrite
Van Staden & BöhmSpirit Level

Winner: Night Lunch – “House Full Of Shit”

Favourite EP / Mixtape brought to you by Recorded Music New Zealand:

Brown Boy MagikTrans Pacific Time
Ebb & TextureCXT004
fruit juice paradethe more you question, the further you get from the answer
Kōtiro – High Def Multinational
Len BlakeHoney Blood
Night LunchTable for Two
Phoebe RingsPhoebe Rings
Van Staden & BöhmHardcore
WombHolding A Flame

Winner: Kōtiro – “High Def Multinational”

Favourite Album brought to you by APRA AMCOS NZ:

Adelaide CaraHow Does This Sound?
Bad TasteBad Taste
BathysphereHeaven is Other People
Grecco RomankRed Tower
Guardian SinglesGuardian Singles
Kane StrangHappy to Perform
Mara TKBad Meditation
Milk – III
Wurld SeriesWhat’s Growing

Winner: Milk – “III”

Favourite Solo Act brought to you by Southern Comfort:

Dawn Diver
Reb Fountain
Ryan Fisherman
Thomas Isbister
Vanessa Worm

Winner: Amamelia

Favourite Group brought to you by Roundhead Studios:

Avantdale Bowling Club
Beacon Bloom
Carb on Carb
Dale Kerrigan
Dick Move
Guardian Singles
Van Staden & Bohm
Virtual Shadow Ensemble

Winner: DARTZ

Outstanding Achievement Award brought to you by New Zealand Music Commission

Winner: Girls Rock: To The Front

Regional Awards:

Outstanding Contribution to 95bFM brought to you by Progear

Winner: Rick Huntington

95bFM’s Favourite Song of 2021 brought to you by Auckland UNESCO City of Music

Winner: Milk – “Crit +”

Outstanding Contribution to Radio Control brought to you by MUSA (Massey University Students’ Association)

Winner: Aiden Bright & Tom Fisher

Radio Control’s Favourite Song of 2021 brought to you by MUSA (Massey University Students’ Association)

Winner: Stanley Pedigree – “Escapism”

Outstanding Contribution to Radio Active brought to you by Parrotdog Bar

Winner: Don Luchito

Radio Active’s Favourite Song of 2021 brought to you by Hills Hats

Winner: The Nudge vs. Troy Kingi – “He Ōrite”

Outstanding Contribution to RDU

Winner: Corban Topou

RDU Favourite Song of 2021 brought you MAINZ

Winner: Akcept – “Waited For You”

Outstanding Contribution to Radio One 91FM brought to you by OUSA (Otago University Students’ Association)

Winner: Alex Lister

Radio One 91FM’s Favourite Song of 2021 brought to you by OUSA (Otago University Students’ Association)

Winner: Night Lunch – “House Full Of Shit”