The Anger Management Show 20-05-19 w/ DJ Lady Stab

NZ Music month
DJ Lady Stab

Swampdweller – Incurable Illness (NZ)
Open Tomb – Life Fucker (NZ)
Shallow Grave – Chemical Fog (NZ)
Chaumurky – Izanami (NZ)
Meth Drinker – Serrated Corridor (NZ)
Ulcerate – Weight of Emptiness (NZ)
Odiusembowel – Awaiting Injection (NZ)
Backyard Burial – Cactus Coffin (NZ)
Skuldom – Blessed be The Dead (NZ)
Blood of The Moon – Desecrate Upon Thee (NZ)
Methchrist – Sodomy of The Divine Rite (NZ)
Filthy Lucifer – General Rampage (NZ)
Draco Aerius – The Scourge of Eden (NZ)
Voice of the Black Pharaoh – A Multitude of Dirty Inches (NZ)
Heresiarch – Conflagration (NZ)
Scaphist – Bridge Of Sand And Skies (NZ)
Malignancy – Headless (NZ)
Vargafrost – Odin’s Sacrifice (NZ)
Sinistrous Diabolus – Aeon Ended (NZ)
Vassafor – Devourer of a Thousand Worlds (NZ)
Vassafor – Emergence (Of An Unconquerable One) (NZ)