Chthonia and Ashtoreth – Asir (NZ)
Aesthetic Meat Front – Primordial Kaos Invocation IV
Urfaust – Behind the Veil of the Trance Sleep
Swamp Dweller – Incurable Illness (NZ)
Dopethrone – Chameleon Witch
Necrowretch – Codex Obscuritas
Watain – Total Funeral
Xalpen – Pahxay
Skáphe – I
Leviathan – The Smoke of Their Torment
Voice of the Black Pharaoh – A Multitude of Dirty Inches (NZ)
Afsky – Tyende Sang
One Tail, One Head – Worlds open, Worlds collide
Sinmara – Mephitic Haze  
Cult of Fire – Har Har Mahadev
Vassafor – Illumination Of The Sinister (NZ)