The Boxing Day Flow w/ Owen and Andrew, 26-12-2018

* = NZ

Phosphorescent: Christmas Down Under
Prince: Another Lonely Christmas
Jethro Tull: Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow
The Spectre Collective: Bohemian Groove *
IQ: I Believe In Father Christmas
Jonathan Bree: F**k It *
Hot Chocolate: Every 1’s A Winner
Vanessa Stacey: Will We Learn *
Los Straitjackets: The Little Drummer Boy
Deaf: Dead End *
Big Big Train: Snowfalls
Kakapo: Don’t Look Back *

Hatched Track: Nootropica: HEAT *
Billy Joel: Root Beer Rag
Lawnbird: Never There *
Big Joanie: New Year
Ladybaby: Nippon Manju
Eckhardt and The House: Funeral
Jonwayne: Tis The Season
My Baby: Mounaiki *
The Beatles: Leave My Kitten Alone
The Sweet: Ballroom Blitz
Bo Diddley: Bo Diddley
Focus: Hocus Pocus
Paperghost: A Map Of Things *
Jet Jaguar: Should Be Home Now *
Steeleye Span: Gaudete
Jethro Tull: Greensleeved
Robbie Ellis: I Am A Cat *

Robbie Ellis: An Icelandic Psychedelic Rock Song About Poland *
Ounce: Electric Eye *
Run-DMC: Christmas In Hollis
Sorrento: Look Up (Feat. Troy Kingi) *
Owl City: Good Time (Feat. Carly Rae Jepsen)
Moonface: Minotaur Forgiving Knossos
Jethro Tull: First Snow In Brooklyn
Los Straitjackets: We Three Kings
Milk: Benzo *
Jimi Hendrix/Band Of Gypsys: Auld Lang Syne
Laura Brannigan: Gloria
Mazroy: Ask Me Something *
IQ: Merry Xmas Everybody
Big Big Train: Experimental Gentlemen