The Floor 06-06-19

Movement Special – pt1

Art Department – Vampire Nightclub feat Seth Troxler
Maya Jane Coles – Wait For You feat Tricky
Soul Clap – Future 4 Love (Jolly Mare remix)
Disclosure – F For You
Stacey Pullen – Sweat (Loquace remix)
Inner City – Future (Kenny Larkin remix)
Octave One, Anne Saunderson – Back Water (Full String Vocal mix)
Octave One – Lies In Truth

[Messages] [Smiley’s People Track] Herbie Hancock – Rocket (1983)

Orbital – Midnight (Live)
Marie Davidson – Work It (Soulwax remix)
Maya Jane Coles – No Sympathy
Sterac – Stroke 3
Josh Winx – Balls (Groove mix)
Ignacio – Organa
Kenny Larkin, Metaphor – Loop 2
Octave One – Injection

[Gigs] At Laundry:
Thu 6: Jellyroll Blues and the Pussycat dues – Jazz Fest special:
A swaggering trio of live Honkytonk Blues and beyond with Dayle Jellyman, Mike Jensen and Tyson Smith…9pm
Fri 7: Maximum Joy Disco – Equatorial musical heat with Sumosui, Powers and Longboss…9pm
Sat 8: Suspicious Characters – Uncle Silverback (Live Set Jazz Fest) then Takas…10pm
Sun 9: Cheeky Sunday – Chilled beats with Halo…6pm
All free entry at Cuba Streets favourite little Juke Joint

About town:

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Amber, Ben, Jas
Matty T

Jay, Joe, Mish
Frankie & Paul
Lyall Bay Massive, Damien & Clea

Baz & Di, John & Lee, whanau
ENC, Jon Little
Paul & Frankie

Check Obscure for gig listing

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