The Floor 09-06-16

Ladytron – Seventeen
Krise & Nuernberg – Transient Response
Rockaforte, Jhonsson – Vertigo
Trikk – Proto Rhyth – (Black version)
Rhythm on the Loose – Break of Dawn

[Acid Overlord] Cassegrain & Tin Man – Oxide
Rai & the Strudels – Last trip to Hell

[Coda] Frankie Goes to Hollywood vs Sigue Sige Sputnik
– Relax vs Love Missile F1-11

Huntermann – Turn It Up
Rodman – Acid is alive

[Messages] [Smiley’s People Track] Altern8 – E-Vapor8

Praga Khan Feat. Jade 4U – Injected with a Poison (MNO Power mix)
Claptone, Nathan Nicholson – Heartbeat (Technasia remix)

[Acid Overlord] Apotheosis – The Volume is Loud (Inferno mix)
U96 – Das Boots (Schall & Rauch Schleichfahrt remix)

Cirez D – Year of the Mouse

Octave One – New Life (Unsubscribe mix)
Jack Wax – Acid Rocker (Dave the Drummer remix)
Mescalinium United – We have arrived

Rex the Dog – You Are the Blade

[Gigs] [Shoutout] Luke/Simon/Vishal, Toby (K5), Clea, Damien