The Floor 12-04-18

Special Guest – The Tillyov Brothers aka

[Coda] Damian Lazarus, The Ancient Moons – Five Moons
Polargeist – Home from the Can (Tensnake remix)

[The Brothers Tillyov] [Bruno Dante] Solee – Pink Panther
Sisys Ey – Mystified (Jimpster remix)
That Needs an Edit – Let Me Show You
[Audiosauce] Franck Moody – T’s and C’s
Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Gigamesh remix)
[Jaywalkers] Jaywalkers – Dirty Mechanik
Jaywalkers – Automaton
[Droszkhi] Droszkhi – Violet November

[Messages] [Smiley’s People Track] Jaydee – Plastic Dreams (1993)
[Droszkhi] Patrick Cowley – Surfside Sex
Shina Williams and his African Percussionists – Agb’oju L’ogun
[Bruder] Bruder – The Wolf
Party Debris – Sunset With Heisenberg
[Audiosauce] Audiosauce – The Grits
Audiosauce – Do U
[Droszkhi] Chromatics – Looking For Love (Extended Disco Version)
Bruder – Tunguska

[Shoutouts] Damien & Clea, David (Suite), Amber, Jon Little & Pia