The Housing Project 21-09-2019

– with Jon Helix
[shout outs Iain, Bonnie]

Silicone Soul  – Right on, right on
Sorceress [NZ]  – Teacups (Chaos in the CBD Paradise Mix)
Iori Wakasa  – Be There
Gorge  – As we are
Dwson  – Ethyl
Modd  – Rapture
DSF  – Mystika
Deeleegenz  – Every single day (Max Telaer remix)
Oniris  – Odysseus (Marc Romboy remix)
Andrew Meller  – Landing (Danny Serrano remix)
Framewerk  – Haryana (Anton Make remix)
Dense  – The Choice (Lab’s Cloud remix)
Gorrillaz  – Busted and Blue (Yotto remix)
Toto Chiavetta  – Analog Suite
In Flagranti  – Effective Placebo Effect
M2MYU [NZ]  – Dazed
M2MYU [NZ]  – Funk accelerator
Shiba San  – Rock da house
Micfreak, Johan S  – Hot hot hot House (Johan S remix)