4pm – 5pm

Spencer. – Want U Back
berhana – Grey Luh
Alxndr London – April
Solo Woods – Lady In My Head
Bill Withers – Lovely Day
Team Dynamite feat. Bailey Wiley – Not All About You*
Brad Stank – Flirting In Space
Temporex – Nice Boys
Caro – Closet Lunatic
Blair Parkes – Heavy Lifting*
Sextile – Disco
Yoko-Zuna feat. Bobandii & JessB – Energy*
The Sha La Das – Just for a Minute
Reuben Hudson – Unreachable*
chrisadams – Don’t Just Kiss Me

5pm – 6pm

Raveena – If Only
Cleo Sol – Why Don’t You
Sinead Harnett – Body
Jaz Karis – Petty Lover
Lemin – Cookie Dough Skin
Grace Joyner – Dreams
Chelsea Jade – Laugh It Off*


JessB – Day Ones*
Liv Dawson – Searching
Molly Burch – Please Be Mine
Bad Sav – Hens Teeth
The Melancholies – Cute Aggression

6pm – 7pm

Blood Orange – Charcoal Baby
Nate Dae – I Feel Ya
Kou – Indigo (Original Mix)
Newg – The Track of Doubt
Astral Bird feat. Salami Rose Joe Louis – Sweatband
Nick Waterhouse – Don’t You Forget It
Dennis Lloyd – Leftovers
Marlon Williams and Aldous Harding – Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore*
Golden Sound – Got It Or You Ain’t
Sucre – No Return
Gus Dapperton – The Fool
No Vacation – Reaper
Little Wise – Want It All
Jess Sah Bai + Peter One – Clipo Clipo
Comf feat. Chris CK – Ring*
Girlboss – Body Con (LANDR Date Nite Remix)*
Power Nap – Being Cool is E.Z.*