Cortina : 2001 Ways to love me

Elan Vital : Albtraum

King Loser : You Follow

Lovely Midget : Cooking Chicken

Knife Fight : Out of The Window

Newtown : Darling Nikki

Spacedust : Too Much action

Darcy Clay : All I gotta Do

Waterfalls : Empty Arms Are Kinder

Thee Mysterious Tapeman : Age of Spades

Mothra :  Decision Process

Gordons : Spik and Span

The Moonlight : Across The Room

Hex Waves : Witch on a Motorcycle

Xanadu : Neon Nebula

Kraus : Boss Killer

The Beths : Warm Blood

Emily Edrosa : Edrosy

The Beths : Whatever

Evil Ocean : Sexual Selection

Sojourner : Bound by Blood

Invisible Threads : Scatter Bones

Fake Purr : Bear Wolf

The Biscuits : Tiger Roar

Bloodbags : This Time

Queen Meanie Puss : Painkillers

The Conjurors : Happy Place

The Trendees Tape Hos