The New Zealand Music Show 13.07.2016

With George
Brought to you by NZ on Air Music


Death and the Maiden – Dear  ____
MADEIRA – Manipulator
Jon Lemmon – We’ll Make it Through
Yunalesca – Out Here
Lawrence Arabia – Another Century
Power Nap – Just Do It
Les Baxters – Call Centre
Lontalius – Dreams in my Head (Anika Moa cover)
Robin – Out To Sea
Token Effort – (unknown?) (Live)
Yesses – Bamboozled (supercilious boy)
Emily Edrosa – Edrosy
madison.v – so fantastic
Miss June – Anxiety On Repeat
Astro Children – When You Lose


Nevernudes – White Teethed Teens
Trust Punks – Good Luck With That
Dick Whyte – Mouth Of The River (Athuzela Brown cover)
Voe – Anchor Me (Muttonbirds cover)
Secret Knives – My Arpeggio (The Mint Chicks cover)
Look Blue Go Purple – I Don’t Want You Anyway
Soccer Practice – Windfall
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – First World Problem
ONONO – Frendsy
MILOUX – Beaches (Suren Unka remix)
Peach Milk – This Is God
KILO – Dysentery Gary
k2k – hey deejay
Soraya x Pedro Dinero – Freek ‘N You [The Juice Vol 1] Tin Kudos – Certainly On Visceral Planes