The New Zealand Music Show 23/06/20 with DJ Karen


Coco Solid – High
Baby Zionov – Clubbing in the Time of Cholera
Heatpump – Cleaning and Maintenance Guide
Amamelia – Cool Boarders 4
Spygang – Wah World
The Nae Nae Express – Vegetables
The Beths – Out of Sight
Blush Juliet – Slide Into View
DARTZ – 1 Outs Captain Cook
Unsanitary Napkin – Opulent Living
Dick Move – Ladies Night
Earth Tongue – Pentagram on the Moon
Ayn Randy – Black Mould
Waterfalls – His Silence
Instant Fantasy – Sweet Ingredients (The Reduction Agents)
Elan Vital (NZ) – Dreams
Embedded Figures – Melancholia


Dawn Diver – Rosemary
Mr Amish – I’m so glad ur here
Sarah Mary Chadwick – Sugar Still Melts in the Rain
Draghound – Bloody Noses
Alexa Casino – Keep Breathing
tei – False Illusions
PollyHill – Rare View feat. LB
Fanau Spa – Catfish
Imugi – Dizzy
Polyester – Different for a Boy
stellar * – Undone
Look Blue Go Purple – As Does The Sun
Fur Patrol – Lydia
Straw People feat. Bic Runga – Drive (The Cars cover)
The Crocodiles – Tears
Benee – Evil Spider