The New Zealand Music Show with DJ Karen 07-05-19


BIB KIDS – Intro (DRTY)/Gimp Software
Goodwin & Kyle – Feelings (Being Felt)
Heat Pump – Introduction
zozo – & wait for the heart to finish buffering
Anamelia – Gay Slut
Jess B – Set it off (Paige Julia remix)
Fanau Spa – Catfish
k2k – bles
Kimbra – Relative Peace (Oban rework)
girlboss – The Gottage
Aldous Harding – Weight of The Planets
Hans Pucket – Eczema
Beatcomber – Creature Comforts


Blush Juliet – Slide Into View
Look Blue Go Purple – As Does The Sun
Blue For Noon – Loops
Earth Tongue – Microscopic God
Linen – Three Hail Marys
Model Home – Normal Warehousing
P.H.F. – Imperial Butter
bediquette – duos
Lontalius – Comfortable
Bandicoot – Yr Art Degree Doesn’t Mean Shit
Embedded Figures – Inferno
√Član Vital – Possession
Ursula Le Sin – being jeal of hip teens
Mermaidens – Sunstone (ONONO remix)
Wax Chattels – Gillian