Moody.v & the Menstrual Cycle – Pleaser (Mr Amish remix)
Yuna Lesca –
The May Project – Infinity
Élan Vital – Dreams
Miss June – Twitch
Astro Children – Straight for my Heart
Carb on Carb – Man Says
prizegiving – Vailima
PHF – Comms
Hans Pucket – Eczema
juiceroof – Working on my Heart feat. Mr Amish
Simone Martini – barbarossa
bandicoot – Bessie
coyote – Jokes
kitsunegari – Mufasa


Nevernudes – White Teethed Teens
Scarp – Youth Large, Size Small
Lucky Jim – Track One
Dance Dance Insurrection – Tabul8
Spring Break – Baby You’re Better
Bright Music – Blissa
Trip Pony – Open Up
Bic Runga – The Lonely Sea
Sarah Mary Chadwick – Sugar Still Melts in the Rain
Dick Whyte & Finn Johansson – What Kind of Bird Am I?
The Fatalities – Holiday Song
Emily Fairlight – The Escape
Aldous Harding – Imagining My Man
girlboss – The Gottage