The New Zealand Music Show with DJ Karen 24-09-19


Coco Solid – Crop That Back
PollyHill – Red Wine
susumabusu – Bon Appetit
tei. – I’m A Soy Chai Latte
Mara Tk & Troy Kingi – The View
Blush Juliet – Slide Into View
Ben Woods – Romancy
Mr Amish – Laundry Day
Mermaidens – Crying in the Office
Echo Ohs – Dog Bone
Maple Syrup – Female Masturbation
DARTZ – Sit This One Out
Tidal Rave – Better Living
First Move – Compromise


Benee – Kua Kore He Kupu
Race Banyon – Brighter Skies
Chelsea Jade – Life of the Party
Dudley Benson – Matariki (Eyeliner remix)
Kraus – No Longer A Maggot, Not Yet A Fly
Motte – Give It To Me
Sports Dreams – Sports Dreams
KILO – I’ll Stick By You (Marlin’s Dreaming cover)
Green Grove – The Sleuth
Doprah – Love That I Need
Waterfalls – Mongoose
Aporia – Moon Taxi
Fur Patrol – Lydia