The New Zealand Music Show with DJ Karen 27-08-19


BENE – Evil Spider
Fimo – Falling For You
Spring Break – Baby You’re Better
Voe – I’ve Never Felt Like This (It Started With a Kiss)
crone – masochistic impulse
Sulfate – Bush
BIB KIDS – Intro (DRTY)/Gimp Software
DARTZ – Sit This One Out
Coyote – Jokes
Surf Friends – A Slow Walk Through Okura
Earth to Zena – Found
Hybrid Rose – Lick My Glittoris
Strawpeople – Drive feat. Bic Runga ( The Cars cover)


Goodshirt – Fiji Baby
stellar* – Undone
Headless Chickens – George
Mermaidens – She’s Running
Lips – Guilty Talk
Het – Mario Never Died
bediquette – duos
Water – Turn Out The Lights
Maple Syrup – Female Masturbation
Keanu Raves – Outrun
Mousey – Extreme Highs
Draghound – Bloody Noses
Look Blue Go Purple – As Does The Sun
Mr Amish – I’m so glad ur here