01. Bailey Wiley feat. MeloDownz (NZ) Sugar
02. Earth Tongue (NZ) The Well Of Pristine Order
03. Vera Ellen (NZ) – Betty Mary Alice
04. Mmdelai (NZ) Fast Fire
05. Little Lapin (NZ) Good Time Boy
06. Tiny Ruins (NZ) School of Design
07. Yoko Zuna & MeloDownz (NZ) Take Me To Your Leader
08. Princess Chelsea (NZ) Respect the Labourers
09. Lawnbird (NZ) Never There
10. Embedded Figures (NZ) St Kilda
11. The Melancholies (NZ) Cool Magic


Mako Road (NZ) Be The Same

ARCHIVE TOP #11 Selection – #1 December 3rd 2003
Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders – Come On Back This Way feat. Sharon Von Etten