01. Avantdale Bowling Club (NZ) Years Gone By
02. DEAF (NZ) Shards
03. The Beths (NZ) Happy Unhappy
04. Fabulous/Arabia (NZ) Henry
05. The All Seeing Hand (NZ) Royal Oil
06. bad friend (NZ) Mollie
07. The Adults (NZ) That Gold ft Aaradhna & Raiza Biza
08. Blair Parkes (NZ) Heavy Lifting
09 JessB (NZ) Day Ones
10. Finn Johansson (NZ) Love Bomb (
11. Comf (NZ) Ring ft Chris CK

Lapis (NZ) – King of the Light (feat. Reuben Hudson)

ARCHIVE TOP #11 Selection – #1 August 13th & 20th 2014
drop dead redhead (NZ) – Do It Yourself