01. Reuben Hudson (NZ) Unreachable
02. Power Nap (NZ) Being Cool is E.Z
03. Bad Sav (NZ) Hen’s Teeth 
04. Early Sans (NZ) Wring Me When I’m Wet
05. Princess Chelsea (NZ) Wasting Time
06. The Spectre Collective (NZ) The Pandemonium Manifesto
07. Jewels – Shared Soul (NZ) Circadian Rhythms
08. Hallelujah Picassos (NZ) Voices of One new
09. Plaines (NZ) Knuckles
10. The Melancholies (NZ) Cute Aggression
11. Kelvin Hurts (NZ) Sun is Beach

Mixed vege (NZ) – Take Take Take

ARCHIVE TOP #11 Selection – #1 September 29th 1999
Teariki (NZ) – Tangata ft 50H