The Wednesday Flow 06-02-2019

* = NZ

Ruia: Tihei Mauri Ora *
Bob Marley: Lively Up Your Dub
The Mutton Birds: Wellington *
Blair Parkes & Cardigan Bay: Dig For Water *
Supergroove: Your White Shirt *
Sorrento: Look Up (Feat. Troy Kingi) *
Moana & The Tribe: Aotearoa *
The Mutton Birds: The Heater *
Alien Weaponry: Raupatu *
The Teskey Brothers: Right For Me
Robbie Ellis: Bike Lane *
Congress Of Animals: To The Lookout *
Crowded House: Chocolate Cake *
Vera Ellen: The Language Of Flowers *
The Exponents: Whatever Happened To Tracey? *
Peter Posa: Grasshopper *

Hatched Track: Milpool: Thoroughbred *
Group Five: Decline And Fall *
Grove Roots: Mo Ake *
Vanessa Stacey: Will We Learn *
The Mutton Birds: Too Close To The Sun *
Hirini Melbourne: Waitangi Te Tiriti *
Nesian Mystik: For The People *
Charles N Charge: Ko Wai Au *
Grumblewood: Fives And Nines *
Finn Andrews: One By The Venom *
Toni Huata: Te Rerenga Tākitimu *
Aalacho: Lift
Foals: Exits
Black Seeds: Fire *

Molly & The Chromatics: Magic Wonder *
Dudley Benson: Zealandia (Stef Animal Remix) *
Beth Orton: Stolen Car
Bic Runga: Drive *
Wai: Mihi Tuatahi *
Twig Pigeon: Chemistry (Feat. Vanessa Stacey) *
Crowded House: Weather With You *
Kakapo: Don’t Look Back *
Wai: Ki A Kōrua *
Band Of Crooks: Dragon In The Mouth
Aalacho: Ticket To Ride
Lime Cordiale: Money
Robbie Ellis: Flat White *