The Wednesday Flow w/ Andrew, 05-08-2020

NZ = *

Malik B & Mr. Green: We Gonna Make It (Feat. Nate Green)
Andrew McCormack: The King Is Blind
Mazbou Q: Blacklight *
Katana: Territory (Feat. Wolfkooky) *
Fly My Pretties: Mud And Stardust *
Chromeo: 6 Feet Away
Dawn Diver: Rosemary *
Dimmer: Comfortable *
Fleetwood Mac: Under Way
Makaya McCraven: Universal Beings
Teariki: Tangata (Feat. 50Hz) *
The Spectre Collective: Swamp Fling *
Messer Chups: Trashman Upgrade
The Beths: Dying To Believe *
Ty Segall: Coconut
Whirimako Black: Moumou *

Hatched Track: Longbrows: Nagoya Science Museum *
Meiso: 開墾 / Kaikon (Kikiawase Remix)
Katana: Arigato *
Hybrid Rose: Mr. Spaceman (Feat. AND$UM) *
The Three O’Clock: Mrs. Green
Giantess: Gone Gone Golden *
Prince: Letitgo
Sola Rosa: Shine On (Feat. Thandi Phoenix) *
Nujabes: Next View (Feat. Uyama Hiroto)
Nathan Haines: Waiting To Hear *
The Comet Is Coming: Neon Baby
King Sweeties: Lydia *
Oceania: Tuhira *
DJ Krush: Meiso (Silent-Gun Mix) (Feat. Black Thought & Malik B)
Bad Hagrid: The Liger And The Fisherman *

Fleetwood Mac: Before The Beginning
Lake South: History / Present *
Dimmer: Happening *
Raiza Biza: A Piano Song *
Kirsten Te Rito: Oranga *
The Toys: A Lover’s Concerto
Alexa Casino: Keep Breathing *
Spin Master A-1 & Shing02: Low High / 狼徘
Pollyhill: Rare View (Feat. LB) *
Oceania: Akonga *
Tape Over Tape: Anthophilia *
Ria Hall: Best Of Me *
Dimmer: Come Here *
Karriem Riggins: Re-Doze
Moe And Ghosts: Lady Of The Dead