The Wednesday Flow w/ Andrew, 08-8-18

* = NZ

Crowded House: Zen Roxy *
Tirzah: Devotion (Feat. Coby Sey) *
Prophet Hens: Basically *
Bad Friend: Mollie *
Bailterspace: X *
Shihad: Song For No One *
Steve Stewart-Williams: Purge *
The All Seeing Hand: Royal Oil *
Cut Chemist: Home Away From Home (Feat. Laura Darlington)
Moe & Ghosts: Ginga
Latinaotearoa: Under The Sun feat. Melodownz *
Bun (Fumitake Tamura) & Asonic Garcia: Tokyo II Oakland
Big Red Machine: Hymnostic
Prince & 3rd Eye Girl: Wow
Dyalla: Hush *

Hatched Track: High Beams (Illbaz, Raiza Biza, Melodownz): Red Wine (Feat. High Høøps) *
Rei: E Kī *
St Paul & The Broken Bones: Apollo
Coco Solid: Narratives (Feat.Brown Boy Magik) *
Oneohtrix Point Never: The Station
Apanui: Wharikihia *
Al Fraser/Steve Burridge/Neil Johnstone: Whale Fall *
O.N.O: Floating At Dusk
Patio: Syrup *
Lucky Boy: City Sounds *
Billy Bragg: Wish You Were Her
Zi Shaw: Hello Hello *
Hurray For The Riff Raff: Hungry Ghost
Raiden Freeman: Tiny Fez *
Ty Segall: Every 1’s A Winner
Brats: 脳内消去ゲーム (Nōnai Shōkyo Game)

Blair Parkes: Heavy Lifting *
Chromeo: Bad Decision
Dictaphone Blues: Bang Bang Bang *
Male Gaze: Tell Me How It Is
Requin: Return To Sender
Kim Leatherby & Michael Pine: Pēhea Koe *
Black Minnaloushe: Get Down (Gotta Be A Human) *
Deaf: Shards *
Magazine: The Book
Total Giovanni: Comes In Waves
Disasteradio: Nothing In The Valley *
Janelle Monáe: Make Me Feel
Kirsten Te Rito: Taonga Māpuna *
Prince: Face Down
Maitreya: E Hine *
Early00: Rain Station *
Shing02 & Chimp Beams: Aquatrium