The Wednesday Flow w/ Andrew, 12-08-2020

NZ = *

Babe Ruth: Mother Tongue (Parts 1 & 2)
Moe and Ghosts X Kukangendai: Futsu / 不通
Talking Heads: Who Is It?
Lithics: Hands
Wax Chattels: No Ties *
Dimmer: Pendulum *
Whim: Familiar *
Wai: Papatuanuku *
Chaii: Lightswitch *
Teariki: Tangata (50Hz Extended Mix) *
Name UL: Red Eye *
Earthfeather: E Kō *
Wiri Donna: Wandering Willies *
Bryony Jarman-Pinto: For The Birds

Hatched Track: Glass Vaults: Flat White Boy *
The Comet Is Coming: Neon Baby
Hoodoo Gurus: (Let’s All) Turn On
Tape Over Tape: Anthophilia *
Paploco: While You’re There *
Dawn Diver: Rosemary *
Chromeo: 6 Feet Away
Prince: Letitgo
Weta: Let It Go *
Carb On Carb: Not Cute, Anymore *
Same Name Confusion: ESP (Telepathy) *
Boygenius: Bite The Hand
Pollyhill: Rare View (Feat. LB) *
JessB: Shut Up! *
Pierre Omaar: Electronic Hybernation *
Wai: Mei Kore Koe *
Maverick Sabre: Drifting

Hummucide: 8 Mullups *
Katana: Silk Road *
Raiza Biza: A Piano Song *
Talking Heads: Tentative Decisions
Transistor: Nothing New *
Earth Tongue: Microscopic God *
Raw Collective: Waiting For Sunrise *
Jonathan Bree: Roller Disco *
Soft Plastics: My World / Your Girl *
Messer Chups: Twin Peaks Twist
Shriekback: And The Rain
Warez-Bby: Tea & Sympathy *
Stef Animal: Running Music *
Hideo Sasaki: Yakōchū / 夜光虫 (Noctiluca)