The Wednesday Flow w/ Andrew 13-06-18

* = NZ

Hirini Melbourne & Richard Nunns: Wai (Warren Maxwell Remix) *
Dudley Benson: Glad I’m Not A Kennedy *
Dam Native: Whakarongo Mai Nei *
Deaf: Truancy *
David Bowie: Alabama Song
Fortress Europe: Rivers Of Blood And Money *
Trembling Bells: Devil In Dungeness A Memory Stained
Azekel: Hollow
Miss Black & The Light: He Maimai Aroha *
Tha Blue Herb: The Way Hope Goes
Moe And Ghosts: Make You Groove
Wallows: Pictures Of Girls

Hatched Track: Ha The Unclear: Battery Farm *
Robbie Ellis: An Icelandic Psychedelic Rock Song About Poland *
The Beths: Future Me Hates Me *
Males: Dead Aware *
Great North: The Late Bus Home *
Grand Prix: Donuts In The Sand *
Shannon Shaw: Freddies ‘N’ Teddies
Al Fraser/Steve Burridge/Neil Johnstone: Cherry Blossom Pool *
Tokyo Prose: 16 Bar Cycles (Feat. Christoph El Truento) *
VedeTT: Tuer Les Gens
Estère: L’Ouiseau Dans L’Étoile *
Golden Harvest: Dancer *
Prince/3rdEyeGirl: Wow
Jonathan Bree: Sleepwalking *
The Nok: Rejoicing – Te Hari Koa *
Stylus77: Goodbye *

Al Fraser/Steve Burridge/Neil Johnstone: Collapse Of Sleep *
Max Marx (Tom Scott/Chris Macro): Finite *
Michael Rault: New Day Tonight
Mazroy: Overdone Fun One *
Kiko: Patupaiarehe *
The Rothmans: Sluicings *
Pop Mechanix: Brains Are Dumb *
Skeptics: Agitator *