The Wednesday Flow w/ Andrew, 16-10-2019

* = NZ

Cykada: Ophelia’s Message
And$um: Wayback *
Rei: E Kī *
Coco Solid: WOW *
Jacqui Keelan: Katia Au Whatu *
Jullekke: Kereru *
Cookie Brooklyn & The Crumbs: Puff Of Air *
Pyjæn: Leading The Times (Part 2)
Bryony Jarman-Pinto: Alchemy
Girlboss: Bully *
Stylus77: Goodbye *
Bon Iver: Faith
Disjecta Membra: Cernunnos *
Steve Abel: Pin Of Love (Ka Pinea Koe) *
Dick Dale: Nitro Fuel

Hatched Track: The Happy Plaster: We Survive *
Unknown Mortal Orchestra: American Guilt *
Ty Segall: Radio
The Bangles: Bitchen Summer/Speedway
Kool Aid: Family Portrait Revisited *
Los Straitjackets: Boa Constrictor
Jade Imagine: The News
Pacific Curls: You Funk Me *
The Owl Service: The Widow’s Lament
Jullekke: 444 *
Huia: Makereti *
Rei: Nōhea (Feat. Tyna) (No Way Māori Remix) *
Rahsaan Patterson: Silly, Love, Fool
Ezra Collective: Quest For Coin
Prince: The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker

Wai: Mihi Tuatahi *
Michael Kiwanuka: You Ain’t The Problem
Ha The Unclear: Julius Caesar *
Joni Mitchell: Off Night Backstreet
The Bangles: Following
Air Hockey: 22yo *
SoccerPractise: Kaua E Mate Wheke *
SMV: Styles Unltd Feat. MC Arme *
Kelsey Lu: Foreign Car
Hybrid Rose: Dream Team *
The Comet Is Coming: Summon The Fire
Brother Sister: SSDD *
Disjecta Membra: Madeleine! Madelaine! *
The Fatalities: Yeah, Okay *
Yazz Ahmed: Organ Eternal