NZ = *

Babe Ruth: The Mexican
Straitjacket Fits: Done *
Happy Mondays: Step On
Fly My Pretties: Mud And Stardust *
Tricky: Christiansands
Dimmer: Don’t Make Me Buy Out Your Silence *
Hummucide: Reacher *
Mark De Clive-Lowe: Mirai No Rekishi *
JessB: Pon It *
Tha Feelstyle: Savagefeel *
Dam Native: Whakarongo Mai Nei *
Alphabethead: RTR Countdown *

Hatched Track: Julie Lamb Outfit: Let’s Go Feat. Shan Jordan *
Great North: The Late Bus Home *
Nadia Reid: Other Side Of The Wheel *
My Bloody Valentine: Only Shallow
Die! Die! Die!: Sideways Here We Come *
Soda Boyz: Bad Friend *
Ethan Morrison: Julian Casablancas *
Finn Johansson: 6 Pack *
Sly & The Family Stone: If You Want Me To Stay
Dimmer: Come Here *
Adam Neely: I Know
Skud & Serebii: I Don’t Need Your Time *
Dr. Recknaw: Nga Iwi E *
Onono: Luv Me 2 *
Flamingo Pier: Indigo *

Straitjacket Fits: Way *
Hybrid Rose: Mr. Spaceman Feat. AND$UM *
Bike: Save My Life *
Fable: Money *
Ariana Tikao: Whakatuwheratia *
Polyhill: Rare View Feat. LB *
Coco Solid: WOW *
SoccerPractise: Te Pō *
Dimmer: Crystalator *
The Spectre Collective: Swamp Fling *
The Bangles: Bitchen Summer / Speedway
Dr. Recknaw: Lover *
Doublehappys: The Others Way *
The Three O’Clock: With A Cantaloupe Girlfriend
Dimmer: Dark Night Of Yourself *