The Wednesday Flow w/ Andrew 27-06-18

* = NZ

Meshell Ndegeocello: Atomic Dog
Princess Chelsea: I Love My Boyfriend *
Caroline Rose: Money
Vincent H L: Yeeeaahh *
Grand Prix: What Kind Of Man Is He? *
Interpol: The Rover
Al Fraser/Steve Burridge/Neil Johnstone: Whale Fall *
Death And The Maiden: Speed Of Sound *
Deaf: Truancy *
Lithics: Edible Door
Bourgeois Earth: Cockroach
Ben LaMar Gay: Muhal
Rei: E Kī *
Dam Native: Whakarongo Mai Nei *
Anthonie Tonnon – Two Free Hands (Jet Jaguar Remix) *

Hatched Track: No Sky: What Does She Know? *
Beastwars: The Devil Took Her *
Grumblewood: Fives And Nines *
Eden Mulholland: Wild Animal *
John Renbourn: The Wildest Pig In Captivity
Brats: 脳内消去ゲーム
Moe And Ghosts: Ginga
Candle: ら組 (Feat. Shing02 and Amida)
Alpaca Fur Rug: Baggy Hoodie
Sam Wave: The Best Irregular *
Kody Nielson: Darien’s Birthday *
Chromeo: Old 45’s
Kirsten Te Rito: Wairangi *
VedeTT: Tuer Les Gens
Moodoïd: Reptile
Jorja Smith: February 3rd
Al Fraser/Steve Burridge/Neil Johnstone: Collapse Of Sleep *

Beastwars: The Sleeper *
Gang Gang Dance: J-Tree
Azekel: Hollow
Pierre Omaar: Electronic Hybernation *
Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays *
Kody Nielson: Christopher’s Birthday *
Ill Baz, Melodownz and Raiza Biza: Live Stream (Feat. Teeks) *
Max Marx (Tom Scott/Chris Macro): Finite *
DJ Yas: Submarine
Moe And Ghosts × 空間現代: 不通
Wax Chattels: Career *
Earthtongue: Portable Shrine *
Mere Women: Big Skies
Lithics: Excuse Generator
Alien Weaponry: Te Ara *