The Wednesday Flow w/ Andrew, 28-02-2018

* = NZ

The Sequence: Simon Says
Jet Jaguar: Bridges *
Beshken: Fruits
Skymning: Hell Is Other People *
Loma: Relay Runner
Earth And Fire: Wild And Exciting
The Situations: You Are What You Are *
The Golden Awesome: Astronomy *
Earthtongue: Deep Sea Mystery *
Gramme: Crooks And Criminals
Dictaphone Blues: When Your Simulation Crossed Mine *
New Order: Fine Time
Lunavela: Chequered Past *
Sneaks: No Problem

Hatched Track: Thought Creature: Talk In Tongues *
The Fold: Crowd *
The Cure: The Hanging Garden
Lawrence Arabia: Solitary Guys *
General Vibe: Cigarettes *
Father John Misty: Mr Tillman
Hip Singles: After The Party *
Merk: Lucky Dilemma *
Focus: Glider
Wye Oak: The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs
Black Minnaloushe: Wiping The Floor *
Prince: Black Muse
Cave Circles: Mirrors (feat. Parks) *
Mareko: Sup Uce *

Superorganism: Everybody Wants To Be Famous *
Scritti Politti: The Boom Boom Bap
Everything Is Recorded: Bloodshot Red Eyes (feat. Infinite & Green Gartside)
Raiza Biza: Diamonds & Gold *
OutKast: Chonkyfire
Pet Shop Boys: The Theatre
Suuns: Watch You Watch Me
Disasteradio: Whateverworld *
Ohney: Ideas *
Jet Jaguar: Grey Warbler *
Kumo: We Didn’t Do Anything *
The Break: Blasket Islands
Focus: Hocus Pocus (Live at the Rainbow)