The Wednesday Flow w/ Owen & Andrew, 03-10-18

* = NZ

Big Big Train: Experimental Gentlemen
Steely Dan: Do It Again
High Høøps: Steady Rolling *
Elton John: Honky Cat
Early Sans: Wring Me When I’m Wet *
U2: The Blackout
Maribou State: Nervous Tics (feat. Holly Walker)
The Shamen: Ebeneezer Goode
Underworld: Rez
Jewels: Circadian Rhythms *
Tei.: Beachside (Feat. .Leafwise) *

Hatched Track: Ha The Unclear: Where Were You When I Was All You Needed? *
Bruno Mars: The Lazy Song
Jet Jaguar: New Folder *
Yølk: Beachballpalmtree
French Concession: Empress *
Robbie Ellis: Pumpkins *
Laura Brannigan: Gloria
The Sweet: Ballroom Blitz
Beastie Boys: Intergalactic
Yoko-Zuna: Energy feat. Jess B & Bobandii *
Richard Thompson: I Can’t Wake Up To Save My Life
The Ventures: The Pink Panther Theme’
The Beatles: I’ve Just Seen A Face
XTC: Love On A Farmboy’s Wages
Yves Tumor: Noid
Madonna: Girl Gone Wild
Flying Colors: Mask Machine

Psychic Rites: Molecular Curse
Marcy Playground: Sex And Candy
Quicksilver Messenger Service: Bears
Robbie Ellis: An Icelandic Psychedelic Rock Song About Poland *
T.G. Shand: Girls *
Steve Sartori: Game Boy *
Zuke: The Portal *
Genesis: Land Of Confusion
Mixed Vege: Take Take Take *
Juluka: Bullets For Bafazane
DBLDBL: Peach Tea *
Gonn: Blackout Of Gretely
Caravan: Waterloo Lily