The Wednesday Flow with Andrew 05-09-18

* = NZ

Moana & The Tribe: Ūpokohue *
Girlboss: Body Con (LANDR Date Nite Remix) *
Black City Lights: Rivers *
Bad Sav: Hens Teeth *
Opposite Sex: Supermarket *
Robert Johnson: Hell Hound On My Trail
Cobra Man: Devil Dog
Night Runner: Hellhound
Plaines: Knuckles *
Tama Waipara: Tangihia (Feat. Hinewehi Mohi) *
Conner Youngblood: Pizza Body
Mount Moriah: Baby Blue (Garage Demo)
Navy Gangs: Dark Days
The Nok: Rejoicing – Te Hari Koa *
Alphabethead: Duck Soup *

Hatched Track: Power Nap: Being Cool Is E.Z. *
Skymachine: Reach *
The Spectre Collective: Bohemian Groove *
Interpol: If You Really Love Nothing
Earth Tongue: Portable Shrine *
Disjecta Membra: Madeleine! Madelaine! (Molière Mix: Vox II) *
New Order: Love Vigilantes
The Beatles: There’s A Place
The Cure: Grinding Halt
Yves Tumor: Noid
Wai: Te Whanau A Tamanui Te Rā (Feat. Te Punawai & Teone Hotu) *
Haz’ Beats: Home *
Mike Irish: With Colors
Smokestack Slim: Winston *
Hirini Melbourne: Waiata Ki Te Rā *

Dudley Benson: Ruru *
Cave: San’Yago
Amin Payne: Midnite Affair *
Te Awanui Reeder: Paimarire *
The Meters: Africa
Starchild & The New Romantic: Language
Early Sans: Wring Me When I’m Wet *
Paul Williams: Euroleague *
Creme Jean: Sleepin’ (At My House) (Feat. Princess Chelsea) *
Hawaiian Maiden: Once Were Warriors Theme *
Ha The Unclear: Stuck In My Head *
Dictaphone Blues: Elastic Meditation *
The All Seeing Hand: Every Leader *
SoccerPractise: Kaua E Mate Wheke *
Blam Blam Blam: Don’t Fight It Marsha, It’s Bigger Than Both Of Us *
The Fea Street Hustle: Bigger Than Both Of Us *