Attilio Mineo – Welcome to the Gayway

Zombie Watuzi – Jan Davis

Michelle Musser – Eye Chant

Golden Wedding – Woody Herman

Von Lmo – This is Pop Rock

Sun Ra – Bassism

Yuri Morozov – Human Extinction

Futurians – Yuri

Johnny Harris Orchestra – Footprints on the Moon

Kraus – Praeludium

Uranium Rock – Warren Smith

Awake – Luci Di Suono

Electric Moog Orchestra – The Appearance of the Visitors

The Twisters – Countdown 1-2-3-4

The Books – Be Good to Them Always

The Painted Ship – Frustration

Stephan Tischler – Americans Are Sleepwalking

Tav Falco & Panther Burns – On This Rocket

Bruce Russell & Peter Wright – Escalation Lifting the Cobbles

John Keating Incorporated Hits in Hi Fi – Dreaming

Dave Douglas – Mugshots Decafinata

Egisto Macchi – Chambre Anachronique John Coltrane – Stellar Regions

The Venturers – One Step Beyond/Twilight Zone
FANZ – The Spider and the Wasp

Man or Astroman – Junk Satellite

Yuri Gagarin – First Orbit

The Boredoms – Star

Billy Thorpe – Children of the Sun

Attilio Mineo – The Monorail