It’s the Thursday Amplifier, brought to you by Cutlers Entertainment!

Grab your Active Card and head on over to Cutlers for 2 for 1 bacon & mushroom burgers – tasty!

10am – 1pm

In 2011 Don Luchito took over as host of the Amplifier Show, it’s been a while now and he says it doesn’t feel like it one bit and puts it down to the space/time/flies/having/fun continuum, but we know its because he’s not paying attention.

The randomness and eclecticism of his selections is evidence of his short attention span, or it could be the excessive caffeine intake as he’s not a morning person and even the 10am start is still waaaay too early for him to be operating machinery of any sort.

Happy to play requests, as this makes his job a lot easier, he’s constantly on the lookout for bands and songs he’s never heard of and will give almost anything a spin if that will make your day, so help him out cos being a Cancerian he’s prone to mood-swings and random socio-political outbursts.

He’s also chuffed that during the past three years he’s gotten to interview some very famous people and discovered some are just as vertically challenged and socially awkward as he is. His favourite colour is blue but reckons the Green Party  are much better at progressive thinking than National.