with Eamonn

HEX – Ignoring the Problem
Die Die Die – Blinding*
Fat White Family -Satisfied
Jean Paul Satre Experience – Flex*
Nakey – No Job*
The Chills – Doledrums*
Ghost Wave – All U Do Is Kill*
Angel Olsen – Shut Up and Kiss Me
Kutiman – Shine Again (feat. Adam Scheflan)
Bon Iver – Heavenly Father (Live Acapella)
French for Rabbits – Feathers and Dreams*
The Checks – You and Me*
No Aloha – Butt Party*
Skeptics – Sheen of Gold*
Alexandra Savior – Shades

Mitski – Happy
Taipei Teahouse – Real Eyes*
Fortunes – Bomber*
Ryan Hemsworth – Wait (feat Keaton Henton & Mitski)
Beth Orton – 1973
Lontalius – Light Shines Through Dust*
The Books – All You need is Wall
ACTIVITY GUIDE (Fly Nights – Heady Topper*)
A Hum of Voices – Two Geese on Top of a Hill*
Great North – I Was Gold*
Shayne P Carter – We Will Rise Again*
Purple – Pretty Mouth
Ghostnaut – Spoken Words (feat. Raw Collective and Raashan Ahmad)*
Tyna Keelan – Paper Planes*
Grimes – California

Voe – Anchor Me (Muttonbirds Cover)*
Seth Frightening – A Voice Recorded Message (Shooting Stars)*
Sigur Ros – Óveður
Papercuts – Dictators Lament
Zen Mantra – Dimming Son*
Joanna Newsom – Peach Plum Pear
Purple Pilgrims – Thru Evry Cell*
The Unicorns – I Was Born (A Unicorn)
Kane Strang – Winded*
Prizegiving – Mid Year Planner*
Mellow Grave – Heel*