Charlotte Gainsbourg – Heaven Can Wait
Eckhardt And The House – Funeral
Ratatat (AUS) – Falcon Jab
Groeni (NZ) – Hinde
George Young (NZ) – Drifter
Two People – In The Garden
The Melancholies (NZ) – Cool Magic
1010 Benja SL (NZ) – Ultimaybe
Sharon Van Etten (NZ)- Seventeen
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (AUS) – Get Ready For Love
The Hundred In The Hands – Young Aren’t So Young
Earth Tongue (NZ) – The Well Of Pristine Order
Kennys First Set (NZ) – ReCharted with Finn Johansson
DBLDBL (NZ) x TrapJaw Kelpie (NZ)
Oddisee – Like Really
Quency Reserve (NZ)- Aire Of Good Feeling
Brockaflower (NZ) – Rhinoceros Boogie
The Boxcar Rattle (NZ) – Fellow Man
Electric Wire Hustle (NZ) – They Don’t Want
The Nudge (NZ) – Game Of Chance
Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros – 40 Day Dream
Darcey Clay (NZ) – Jesus I Was Evil
Mi-Sex (NZ) – Computer Games
The Shins – New Slang
Lontalius (NZ) – Sounds That Break Us
Solomon Crook (NZ) – Race Car
The Breeders (NZ) – Spacewoman
Cut Off Your Hands (NZ) – On The Sea
Marlon Williams (NZ) – Dark Child
Pink Floyd – What Do You Want From Me
Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac – Albatross
Liam Finn (nz) – Second chance
RJD2 – Smoke And Mirrors
Tiny Ruins (NZ) – School Of Design (NZ)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – The world is crowded
Sheep Dog and Wolf – Egospect (NZ)
Little Bushmen – Te Oranga (NZ)
Sorrento (NZ) – Look Up (Feat Troy Kingi)
Estere – Culture Clash (NZ)
i’lls – Fifty-Phiphti