Louis Baker (NZ) – So Lo
Claude Fontaine – Strings of Your Guitar
Water (NZ) – Turn Out The Lights
Lauren Flax – Pleasure Principle ft Kim Ann
Estere (NZ) – Pro Bono Techno Zone (Introverted Dancefloor remix)
Huia (NZ) – Makereti
Curtis Mayfield – Superfly
Amnesia Jones (NZ) – What Escaped Me When
Acid Arab – La Hafla feat. Sofiane Saidi
A.C. Freazy (NZ) – Love In Other Places
Ahorangi (NZ) – Pounamu
Alan Broadbent NDR Big Band (NZ) – The Long White Cloud
SMV (NZ) – Styles Unltd feat. MC Arme
Sampa The Great – Final Form
Androgynous Lemon (NZ) – Space Samba


Claudia Jardine (NZ) – Hide
Claude Fontaine – I’ll Play The Fool
David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7 – Burrulero Jamaicano
Early Sans (NZ) – Wring Me When I’m Wet
LEISURE (NZ) – Too Much Of A Good Thing
General Vibe (NZ) – Nectarines
Jet Jaguar (NZ) – Call (Ludus (NZ) Remix)
Lontalius (NZ) – I Wanted Him

RECHARTED: Big Flip The Massive

IMPORTANT (NZ) – Call Failure
Alphabethead (NZ) – Eyes Of Nothing
Miss June (NZ) – Best Girl
Better Oblivion Community Center – Dylan Thomas
JOY (NZ) – The String Of Strength feat. Mark Vanilau
Kamasi Washington – Street Fighter