Thursday Flow w/ Rabid Dog 05-10-17

Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas – Wreck Of The SS Needle
Yoko Zuna – Voltron (NZ)
LCD Soundsystem – Change Yr Mind
Richard Dada – Levitation (NZ)
Zero Cool – Yo Pro Dinner Party (NZ)
Torres – Hellen In The Woods
Savages – Sad Person
Babes In Toyland – Surd
Flying Lotus – Flattery
The Bug – Void
Tactile – Tactile vs Solaris
Locust – Haze
2047 – Untitled (NZ – Hatched Track)
indi. – Woman
The Breeders – Waiting In The Car
Throwing Muses – Graffiti
Swallow – Tastes Like Honey
Cocteau Twins – Five Ten Fifty Fold
Lush – Leaves Me Cold
Pesk – Forest (NZ)
Daughter – Burn It Down
Warpaint – No Way Out
Interpol – Pioneer o The Fall
A Witness – Tomorrow Never Knows
Terror Of The Deep – Saturn/Uranus
Autocreation – Dark Smile
Polygon Window – Polygon Window
Ludus – Bad Butter (NZ)
Coil – Heavens Blade
Wolf Alice – Don’t Delet The Kisses
Superoganism – Something For Your M.I.N.D (NZ)
Roy Irwin – King Of Pop (NZ)
Cournety Barnett & Kurt Vile – Over Everything
Ice – X1
JK Flesh – Idle Hands
Main – There Is Only Light
Controlled Bleeding – Stillbirth
The God Machine – The Blind Man