Thursday Flow w/ Rabid Dog 16-11-17

Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead
Superorganism – Something For Your Mind
Linstrom – BUNGL (Like A Ghost)
Junus Orca – Itjat (NZ)
Appleblim – Silver and Gold
Burial – Ghost Hardware
Anthonie Tonnon – Two Free Hands (NZ)
Beliefs – 1994
Sneaky Feelings – There’s A Chance (NZ)
Terror Of The Deep – The Asteroid Belt (NZ)
Beaches – Out Of Mind
Bailter Space – Films of You (NZ)
Low Low – I Had The Thought (NZ – Hatched Track)
The Exploding Budgies – See You Around The Stones (NZ)
Ounce – Dead Mirror (NZ)
Grooms – Magistrate Seeks Revenge
King Krule – Dum Surfer
Public Enemy – Yesterday Man
Root Manuva – Join The Dots
Anti-pop Consortium – Ghostlawn
Cannibal Ox – Raspberry Fields
Techno Animal – Piranha
Paris – The Devil Made Me Do It
Unwound – Below The Salt
Daughter – Doing The Right Things
Esben and The Witch – Light Streams
Water – Melt (NZ)
Shilpa Ray – Morning Terrors Nights of Dread
Mattiel – Count Your Blessings
Mazzy Star – She Hangs Brightly
Franz Ferdinand – Always Acsending
Kariiiba – Rapturous
Bjork – Black Lake
The Bug v Earth – Don’t Walk These Streets
Scorn – Host Of Scorpions
Godflesh – Be God