Thursday Flow w/ Rabid Dog 27-07-17

Public Image Limited – Albatross
Disasteradio – Oh Yeah (NZ)
Ibeyl – Away Away
Crimson Nightmare – Stalker (NZ)
Plumm – Worn (NZ)
Death Of Lovers – Shaken
Usurper of Modern Medicine – House of  Reps
The Stone Roses – Driving South
The Jesus and Mary Chain – All Things Pass
Bailter Space – In The World (NZ)
HDU – Ei True East (NZ)
Hair and Skin Trading Company – Machine Gun
Ciccone Youth – Macbeth
Shards – Whisper (NZ – Hatched)
Die Die Die – How Soon Is Too Soon (NZ)
The Horrors – Machine
The God Machine – Alone
Beaches – Void
Babes In Toyland – Surd
The Jesus Lizard – Monkey Trick
Savages – Adore
Paramore – Future
Isis – In Fiction
Scrap – Youth Large, Size Small (NZ)
Pesk – Holy Man
Wax Chattels – It (NZ)
Intitute – Powerstation
Dyalla – By The Sea (NZ)
Arca – Mutant
Coil – Further Back And Faster
Autechre – Doctrine
The Young Gods – Astronomic
Godflesh – Crush My Soul
Techno Animal – Monoscopic
Scorn – Host Of Scorpions
Warpaint – Warpaint