Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing (NZ) – Lustration
Churlington (NZ) – The Funny Thing Is, That’s Not the First Time That’s Happened
Master Blaster (NZ) – To All My Friends
Sere (NZ) – Hazy
GZA – Living In The World Today
Invisible Threads (NZ) – Limerick
Kendrick Lamar – Loyalty feat. Rihanna
Action Bronson – The Chairman
Kakapo (NZ) – Heart Strings
Ayn Randy (NZ) – Paranoid
Ayn Randy (NZ) – Billionaire
Terror of the Deep (NZ) – Two Wizards
Wax Chattels (NZ) – Stay Disappointed
Bespin (NZ) – East of Her
Stress Ghetto (NZ) – Christmas Camp