Tuesday Flow w/ DJ Cupcake 09-07-19

Peaches – Hanky Code.
Boycrush – Racist Jazz Space Creature.
Arthur and Yu – Absurd Heroes Manifesto.
Charlotte Gainsbourg – Sylvia Says.
Beyonce – Daddy Lessons.
Cookie Brooklyn – Puff of Air.
Hobo Johnson – Typical Story.
Lou’ana – Summer in May.
Joy – Fall’s Deja Vu.
Dub Spencer and Trance Hill – Go Tell It On the Mountain dub.
Leon Bridges – River.
Jimmy Somerville – Never Can Say Goodbye.
Angelique Kidjo – Crosseyed and Painless.

Steph Casey – At a Bar Downtown.
Yorke – Pieces.
Serpentwithfeet – Cherubim.
Rosal – Aute Culture.
Winston Surfshirt – Make a Move.
Hallelujah Picassos – Welcome Mat For a Stranger.
Jai Paul – He.
The Kills – The Good Ones.
Prince – 17 Days (demo)
The Saturday Knights – Ass Kickers Haircut.
Shilpa Ray – Revelations of a Stamp Monkey.
The Eastern – Talking Americana Cowboy Yeehaa Blues.
Gang of Four – I Love a Man in Uniform.

Lizzo – Jerome.
Acid Arab – Gul L’abi.
Soaked Oats – Don’t Chew.
Earth Tongue – Astonishing Comet.
Koizilla – I Can’t See Anything.
Troy Kingi – Truganini.
Lizzo – Crybaby.
Charlotte Gainsbourg – Songbird in a Cage.
Duran Duran – Save a Prayer.
Sonic Youth – Helen Lundeberg.
Bike – Circus Kids.
Sisters Underground – In the Neighbourhood.