Tuesday Flow w/ Julian 16-18-16

1.Tyma Keelan- Paper Planes
2.Shy Layers-Too far out
3.Ice MC-Cinema
4.Lexer-Forgive me.
5.El Vy-Sleeping light
6.Maluca- Forever
7.Fore Shadows- crime and the suspect.
8.Alina Baraz and Galimatias- Fantasy
9.Levy Patel and Suren Unk- You
10. Tkzee- Fiasco
11.Kaytranada- Together
12. Jamiroquai- Alright
13.Youssou Ndour- Black women
14.Rebelution- Natural Mystic
15.Shiraz and LSJ- Sumtymes
16.Kutiman- Shine again
17.Francois Lachance- Jsuis la
18.Leila Adu- Love Cells
19.Etherwood- Cast Away
20.Hocus Pocus-Normal
21.Massive attack- Come Near me
22.Phaeleh- In the twilight
23Masey Rika-Tangoroa
24. Artful Dodger – Women trouble
25.Pessenger 10- Chris Reece
26.Deadmau ft Chris james- The Veld
27. Dj Ironix- Stay with me
28. Leisure- control myself
29.Gentleman-Missing you around me
30.Electric wire hustle; Brother Sun Ft Kimbra
31.Hans Zimmer- Time
32.Kins- Dont worry about it
32.Mia- Go Off
33.The catch up- Instrumental
34.Merchandise- End of the week
35.Ladi6- Beffy
36. Glas animals- Youth
36.Outkast Ms Jackson