Wednesday Drive with Helix 14-06-2017

Wednesday Drive with Helix 14 June 2017


Polish Club – Beeping
Kraftwerk – Europe Endless [shout outs Jen & Leon] Couchmaster – Psychogenic Fuge [NZ] Visage – In the year 2525
Grizzly Bear  – Three Rings
Ace Ventura – Alternate PAtterns [shout out Mutana] Dragonfoce – Throught the fire and Flames
Ghost – Square Hammer
Wire – Short Elevated Period
Echo Ohs – Hot Pockets [NZ] Leyya – Zoo
Aphex Twin – Bucephalus Bouncing Ball



Marlena Shaw – Woman
The National – the System Only Dreams in Total Darkness
Scalp – Doubt [NZ] #Double G MakeAbAngA – Summer 17 [NZ] Pearl Hotel – In Your Car Under The Moonlight
Saskwatch – Then There’s You

[Activity Guide] Alvin Van Blur – Star (NuroGL remix) [NZ]

Blair Parkes – Don’t Worry Baby [NZ] [Small snippet of ] Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up [for Joshua, Jarrod ] Queen – Get Down Make Love [for Sarah] The Hellfreaks – Boogie Man
Peaches – I U She



The Stevenson Ranch Davidians – Holy Life
Sleepmakeswave – Children
Car Crash Set – Fall From Grace [NZ] Aurora Halal – Sunlight [for Eamon & Andy] The Plague – Seven Day Plan [NZ] Floral Clocks – The Perfect Love Song [NZ] Palehound – Flowing Over
Pleazers –  [NZ] Portishead – SOS
Eastern Bloc – Lychee [NZ] Garagara – Blaster
Dose – Ambien
Three Trapped Tigers – 5
B-52’s – Roam [for Scott] Jamila Woods – Holy (reprise)
Skymning – Underground [NZ] [messages] 7pm