Wednesday Drive w/ Jen Kyle 27-05-20 NZ Music Special

The Drab Doo-Riffs – Do the Cat
Scratch 22 – Death Is Dancer
Flash Harry – Slow Burner
Kirsten Te Rito – Te Kaitiaki
The Checks – Candyman Shimmer (Charles is 6AM mix)
Borrowed CS – Dawn Dub
Yumi Zouma – Cool For A Second
Chelsea Jade – Low Brow
Mermaidens – Crying in the Office
Lake South – History/Present
Louis Baker – Alive
Spell Spell Spell – Break My Heart ft Troy Kingi
Beacon Bloom – Rocket
Vasili – Day Nine
Car Crash Set – Talk To Me
Mi-Sex – Computer Games (Disco version)
Trinity Roots – Sense and Cents (recorded live at Studio Nine, Wellington)
Straw People – Touch Culture (Heaven mix)
Melting Faces – Far King Oats
Black Minnaloushe – Wiping the Floor
Drop Dead Redhead – Woah
Doprah – Whatever You Want
Leno Lovecraft – Planet Sextron (EP Version)
The Spectre Collective – Wabi-Sabi
JessB – New Era
SWIDT – Praise
Hollie Smith – Water or Gold
Anna Coddington – Without A Fight
George Johnston – Windrain
BioniCal – Laika
The Phoenix Foundation – Pavlovs Pavlova
Luke Buda – I Wanna Be Yours
Haz and Miloux – All Night
Ladi6 – Outta Time
Hans Pucket – Old U Vs The New U
The Black Seeds – Fabric|
Sola Rosa – Back To You ft Noah Slee
Rhian Sheehan (NZ) – The Absence Of You