Wednesday Flow w/ Andrew, 2-5-2018

* = NZ

Fat Freddy’s Drop: The Camel *
KTN: Downlow(d) *
Apanui: Wharikihia *
Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Not In Love We’re Just High *
Élan Vital: Albtraum *
Dead Little Penny: Honeycomb *
The Nok: Why Are We/He Aha Rā *
Mermaidens: Fade *
The Golden Awesome: Ruby *
French For Rabbits: Your Halo *
Max Marx (Tom Scott/Chris Macro): Finite *
Midnight Trips: Life Is *
Ria Hall: Best Of Me *
Christoph El Truento: Skalala *

Hatched Track: Benny’s Videos: Amour *
Moe & Ghosts: ルー=ガルーガール
Sola Rose: Leave A Light On (Ft. Kevin Mark Trail & L.A. Mitchell) (NZ) *
Pierre Omaar: Electronic Hibernation *
Kirsten Te Rito: Taonga Māpuna *
Lawrence Arabia With Tiny Ruins: Everything’s Minimal *
The Librettos: Rescue Me *
The Swingers: Certain Sound *
Males: Dead Aware *
Kumo: The Glitch *
Robbie Ellis: An Icelandic Psychedelic Rock Song About Poland *
Grayson Gilmour: Blow Back (Borrowed CS Magic Air Mix) *
Cold Eyes: We’re Not (Cold Eyes Remix) *
SoccerPractise: Haere Mai E Tama *
Bromelain-Manzanza: Nocturnes (Dub Mix) *

Disasteradio: Nothing In The Valley *
Stef Animal: You Have Powers! (Casiotone MT-800) *
Dyalla: Sorry (Feat. Andrew Applepie) *
Clare Wieck: An Ocean *
Hybrid Rose:Just Press Play (Ft. Fanfickk) *
Diehards: Rhythm Of The World *
2XM: Okains *
Julia Deans: The Panic *
Goldenhorse: Calico Reporter *
Great North: The Late Bus Home *
Hans Pucket: Straight To My Heart *
Black Minnaloushe: Get Down (Gotta Be A Human) *
Datsun Stereo: 4 My Pepys *