The Wednesday Flow w/ Andrew 21-02-2018

* = NZ
Prince: Stratus/All Shook Up (live at Montreux)
Larry Morris: Who Do We Think We’re Fooling *
The K1500 Project: Nuclear Fire *
Foliage: Fate *
Destroyer: Tinseltown Swimming In Blood
Honey Hahs: Forever
Hurray For The Riff Raff: Hungry Ghost
Wurld Series: The Bend *
Lawrence Arabia: Solitary Guys *
One Man Bannister: B1 *
Ty Segall: Despoiler Of Cadaver
Here Lies Man: Sorrow Tears And Blood
Jed Parsons: Get Lost *
Males: Dead Aware *
Alphabethead: Interzone Intermission *

Hatched Track: By A Damn Sight: Hands Of God *
Big Audio Dynamite: Limbo The Law
Carnivorous Plant Society: Car Dance *
Ravyn Lenae: Computer Luv (feat. Steve Lacy)
Syd: On The Road
Beshken: Fruits
The Fold: Untitled *
Headless Chickens: Untitled *
The Cure: Untitled
HEX: Sight Beyond The Line *
Beat Rhythm Fashion: Beings Rest Finally *
The Cure: Fire In Cairo
Grooms: Softer Now
The Stranglers: Ice

Stef Animal: Ducks (Cass Creek Electronic Waterfowl Call) *
Disasteradio: Whateverworld *
Destroyer: Stay Lost
The Shocking & Stunning: Danger!! Death Ray! *
Alphabethead: Way Down In The Lowlands *
Suuns: Watch You, Watch Me
Kody Nielson: Demons *
Transistor: Waiting To Be Free *
Tall Dwarfs: Shade For Today *
Paperthieves: Both Hands *
Golden Harvest: Dancer *
Evening Is Youth: Slipping Down *
TWRP: The No Pants Dance (feat. Ninja Sex Party)
Justin Timberlake: Sauce
AndrĂ© Cymone: Breathin’ Out Breathin’ In
AndrĂ© Cymone: Survivin’ In The ’80s